Cloth diapering is a sustainable option, that helps save money too.  If your family is interested in cloth diapering and is experiencing financial hardship, apply to receive a set of gently used cloth diapers from Babies Need Bottoms.


  • Reside in Buncombe, Haywood, Henderson, Madison, McDowell, Polk or Transylvania County

  • Complete the cloth diaper application and agree to the terms

  • Provide a valid email address for correspondence with our diaper program volunteer

  • Be able to arrange transportation to pick-up cloth diapers

Important Notes

  • All personally identifiable information submitted to Babies Need Bottoms will be kept confidential.
  • Recipients assume all responsibility for any cloth diaper accessory – such as detergent, wipes, fasteners, etc. – that is not distributed through our program. When available, we may provide some of these accessory items to clients.
  • Diapers received through our program cannot be sold.
  • Diapers are provided “as is.” Diapers provided may be previously worn; they will be prewashed and sanitized before distribution.


How does this work?

You apply for cloth diapers and if you are approved, we give you cloth diapers to use for your little one/s. It’s that easy! We will arrange for pick up and give you all of the information you need to care for your cloth diapers. When your little one moves on from cloth diapers, you can pass them along to another parent in need or return them to Babies Need Bottoms.

How fast are applications usually approved?

We will work hard to get your application reviewed within 7-10 business days.

How many cloth diapers will I receive? What brand/colors will I receive?

The number of diapers you’ll receive depends on the age of your baby, and whether or not you already have some cloth diapering supplies.   Cloth diaper kits for newborns contain 12 newborn-sized diapers.   Cloth diaper kits for babies 2 months- 1 year and older contain 24 diapers.  Cloth diaper kits for babies 1 year and older contain 12 diapers.

We cannot accommodate requests for specific brands or colors. We do our best to give full sets of the same type of diapers, and you may receive diaper covers/prefolds, pocket/insert style diapers, or all-in-one style diapers.  Sometimes we are able to include cloth wipes, Snappi fasteners, and a wet bag.  We will include a brief resource to help you develop a washing routine that works for you, and websites to visit to learn more about cloth diaper care.

Can you ship the diapers to me or do I have to pick them up?

At this time, we are arranging for pick up only.

What if I receive the diapers, use them for a few months, and then decide I’m not cut out for cloth diapering?

Parenting is HARD! We understand.  When you are finished with your diapers (whenever that is) you can return them to BNB and we will pass them along to someone else that needs them!