Diapers are Essential

Clean diapers are basic needs for every infant and toddler.  Yet, nearly 1 in 2 American families reports diaper need.

No Federal poverty assistance programs supply diapers.  But we do.

Since 2017, Babies Need Bottoms diaper bank has worked in partnership with community based organizations to provide diapering supplies for families facing diaper need in Western North Carolina.

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Diaper Need Facts

  • Pre-pandemic, 1 in 3 American families reports experiencing diaper need
  • A 2023 study found that nearly 1 in 2 American families now experience diaper need
  • Diapers & diaper supplies are not covered by government assistance
  • In North Carolina, diapers are subject to local and state sales tax
  • Diapers cost an average of $70-$80 per month, per child
  • Infants use up to 12 diapers/day and toddlers up to 8 diapers/day
  • Without transportation, buying diapers at a convenience store rather than a large “big box” store can significantly increase the monthly cost of diapers.

Diapers Distributed since 2017
Average Monthly Diaper Distribution
Average # Children Served Each Month
Community Partner Organizations
Federal Assistance to Families for Diapers
Buncombe County children living in poor or low-income homes


Donate diapers. Donate time. Donate money.


Diaper access means physically healthier children, emotionally healthier caregivers, and a stronger community where more people have their basic needs met.

Babies for Bottoms is a lifesaver.  I am a single mother who works a full time job, and goes to school.  I am raising a 9 and 2 year old and sometimes the money has to be stretched really far. I was down to 1 diaper and after searching under every rock I found babies for bottoms, and they were right there to help. They even made it possible for me to get diapers immediately.

Thank You to every one on the Babies for bottoms team. My children, and I are truly appreciative of your help.

2019 Diaper Recipient

This has been a lifesaver in a time where I am in desperate need of assistance when I don’t have the money to buy Pull-Ups. Thank you all that help me

2020 Diaper Recipient

I greatly appreciate having somewhere to go for help for my grandkids that I have care of.  I wish there had been things like this when I had my kids.

2021 Diaper Recipient

One of our moms just moved into her own place. Move-in means money on application fees, background checks, security deposit, first month’s rent, utility deposits, furniture and cleaning supplies. Being able to free some money from her budget by accessing diapers made it easier to pay for what she needed so she and her baby could really make this apartment their first home.

2023 Diaper Distribution Partner

Proud Members of the Baby2Baby National Network and the National Diaper Bank Network